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Ribbed Cashmere Hat Beige

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Ribbed Cashmere Hat (100% cashmere)

Pivert is constantly growing: with the Astrum Collection, we’re going to expand our horizons and our range of accessories. This reinterpretation of the classic timeless hat is perfect for the winter cold.

– Ribbed fold-over brim
– “Pivert” patch at the left-front of the brim
– 100% cashmere
– Made in Italy
– Wash:




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Classification: Binary star

Constellation: Carena

Description: It is an orange giant star (1.86 magnitude) located in the Carena Constellation. Also named “Epsilon Carinae” (abbreviated Epsilon Car), Avior is 632 light years far from the Solar System, and it is actually a binary star, consisting of orange giant and a white-blue main sequence star. This star is located in the Southern Hemisphere and it is circumpolar from most the temperate regions, so from the Northern Hemisphere its visibility is limited to the lower temperate regions and the tropical zone.

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