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Men Sweatshirt Electric Blue V Achemar

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Classic sweater, that is perfect for the office, and also for a formal evening (with a shirt).


  • Regular fit, easy shaped silhouette
  • V-neck
  • Long sleeves with ribbed cuffs
  • Rib-worked hem
  • Embroidered logo on the left of the chest
  • 15% cashmere – 85% cotton
  • Machine washable

Our models dress up:
Lorenzo: 1.84 cm, 72 kg, size M
Diego: 1.73cm, 72kg, size S
Andrea: 1.99cm, 110kg, size XL



Classification: star-star blue star

Constellation: Eridano

Description: Also known as Bayer alpha Eri / α Eridani / Alfa Eridani) is a blue star of the main sequence, belonging to the Eridano constellation. It is one of the few stars of first apparent magnitude, being equal to 0.50; this magnitude makes it the ninth brightest star in the sky. Its brightness is due not so much to its distance, which is 144 light years, but above all to being a very bright star: its mass is about six to eight solar masses.

Observation: Achernar is the ninth brightest star in the sky. Being 57 ° south of the heavenly equator, it is visible mainly from the southern hemisphere of the Earth, where it looks like a very isolated star in a field of weak stars and far distant from the brilliant light wake of the Milky Way

Curiosity: The name Achernar derives from the Arabic word آخر النهر (ākhir an-nahr) meaning “end of the river”. This name originates in the fact that the star is placed at the mouth of the river Eridano.

Astrological characteristics: success in public roles, philosophy, patience, prone to religion.

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