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Men Sweater Orange Rust – Altair

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Sweater Altair

Perfect for the office and the weekend, Altair wool and cashmere turtleneck sweater is made to protect you from the cold days.


  • Turtleneck with buttons
  • Long sleeves with shoulder cuffs
  • Cropped hem
  • Embroidered Pivert logo on the left part of the chest
  • 70% wool and 30% cashmere
  • Hand washable (dry off)


Classification: type-A main sequence star

Constellation: Aquila

Description: Type-A main sequence star, with 0,77 magnitude, located around 17 light years far from Earth (one of the closest star to Earth), Altair is the brightest star of the Aquila Constellation.

This star is also one of the tops of the Summer Triangle, with Vega and Deneb. Its proximity to the equator line makes it observable by all the populated region of our planet. Altair is worthy of consideration for its rotation on itself: measuring the width of its spectral lines, is easy to realize that it has a complete rotation on itself in just 8.5 hours (just for comparison, the Sun takes about 25 days to rotate on itself). This rotation speed crushes the star to the poles, making it a spheroidal oblate.

Astrological Characteristics: Strong character, enterprising, authoritarian, dominant, impetuous, confident, versatile, full of inventive and ambitious in everyday life.

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