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Men jacket Pollux Black

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Pollux Jacket

 Specially designed to protect you from the rain, this rainproof jacked is equipped with water repellent hood and zip. Pollux is perfect for any occasion.


  • Long sleeves with shoulder cuffs
  • Hood with padding
  • Two zippered waist pockets on the front, inner pocket on the left side of the chest
  • Fully lined and padded
  • Silicon Pivert logo on the left arm
  • Machine washable


Classification: Orange-hued evolved giant star

Constellation: Gemini

Description: Pollux (also designated Beta Geminorum) is situated in the constellation of Gemini and is the shiniest star of his constellation, and the 17th shiniest star in the entire sky. Pollux is an orange-hued evolved giant star, easily identifiable both because of its luminosity and its association with the other bright star of Gemini Constellation, Castor (Alpha Geminorum). It’s a star of the Northern Hemisphere, but it’s possible to see this star also from the Southern Hemisphere. Is 33.7 light years far from the Earth and this makes it the closest giant star for our planet. His name refers to the Dioscope, son of Zeus and Leda.

Astrological Characteristics: Astuteness, audacity, impulsive temperament, excellent intellectual skills, great personal qualities and good manual skills, bold and courageous disposition.

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