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Cashmere Gloves Gacrux Beige

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Cashmere Gloves Gacrux (100% cashmere)

Characterized by rib-shaped cuffs and by Pivert patch, these gloves are a useful-endless-fashionable winter accessory, perfectly combined with Astrum scarf and hat: for a man who never does random choices.

– Rib-knit fold-over cuffs
– Pivert logo con the left glove outer cuff
– 100% cashmere
– 100% Made In Italy
– Wash:




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Classification: Red Giant

Constellation: Crux

Description: is the third brightest star in the Southern Cross constellation and is one of the brightest star in the whole sky. Gacrux is located in the Southern Hemisphere, his declination of -57°06’ doesn’t make it visible from Europe, Russia, Canada and most of the U.S.A. and China; it becomes circumpolar around 33° S of latitude. It can be identified by extending a line from Alpha Centauri to Hadar (Beta Centauri): a few degrees to the west you can find Gacrux. Is the northernmost star of the four main stars forming the Southern Cross asterism. It has no proper name derived from ancient mythological figures; the name Gacrux, probably coined by US astronomer Elijah H. Burritt, derives from the words GAMMA (Greek letter of the star in the Bayer nomenclature) and CRUX, the name of the constellation.

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